We use advanced chiropractic techniques and corrective care to help you achieve lasting symptom relief and lifelong wellness

At Rock Chiropractic, we take the time to truly understand the specific health needs and goals of every patient who entrusts us with their care. By doing so, we’re able to offer far more than just quick-fix adjustments that typically provide only temporary symptom relief. Instead, we’re able to work in partnership with you to uncover the true source of your pain or other issues so we can determine the right combination of chiropractic techniques and supporting therapies to fully resolve your concerns and maintain optimal health and wellness.


To achieve the very best outcomes for each patient, we provide a full range of advanced chiropractic care using scientifically proven techniques such Chiropractic BioPhysics and the Pettibon System, both of which utilize precise diagnosis and targeted therapies and treatments to produce lasting and measurable improvements in spine and nervous system through spine and posture correction, nutrition, exercise and targeted muscular development. These approaches also prioritize patient education and involvement, so you’re always informed and empowered in every aspect of your health and healing journey.


From your first consultation on, Dr. Miller will work with you to determine an optimal course of action to achieve the best outcomes and results based on your specific health needs and goals. This consultative approach includes a thorough evaluation of your current health profile and history, including any specific details of trauma history or acute or chronic pain. When necessary, Dr. Miller will recommend x-rays or other evaluation options to ensure you and he have a clear understanding of your challenges and how best to address them.


Our approach to care extends beyond initial symptom treatment. Although pain and other issues are often the reason many patients initially seek chiropractic care, these symptoms frequently occur after a disease or other condition has become advanced. As a result, we structure our programs to not only alleviate the initial symptoms, but also treat the underlying cause of the problem through restorative/corrective care that helps ensure the original issue doesn’t recur or worsen. This phase often involves an ongoing regimen of exercise, stretches and other activities that can be done both at our center and at home. Finally, once your body has fully healed, we’ll help you maintain your new level of health and wellness through routine chiropractic care and visits

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Chiropractic isn’t just for adults! Enjoy family-friendly care at Rock Chiropractic

Kids can benefit from spinal adjustments and chiropractic therapies, too! At Rock Chiropractic, you’ll find a holistic approach to your family’s health delivered by friendly, knowledgeable and caring we offer comprehensive treatment programs to address many of the challenges that kids face, from sports injuries and allergies to headaches and chronic, recurring illnesses. Plus, we work with most insurance companies and offer a discount medical program for you and your family to help keep the costs of maintaining your health reasonable.

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