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“Fox Guarding the Hen House”

You wouldn’t contract a burglar to install your home security system. Nor would you hire a child abuser to babysit your kids. So what confidence would you have in a drug company solving the greatest pharmaceutical induced addiction crisis in our communities today?


In perhaps the most egregious example of ‘the fox guarding the hen house,’ the maker of OxyContin just procured a drug patent to treat the very opioid addiction it created in the first place. Seems Purdue Pharma has no qualms adding MORE chemicals to the mix, even after being named in multiple lawsuits for allegedly fueling the opioid epidemic in the first place.


You can’t solve a problem (let alone a national crisis) with the same philosophy that created it.  Better health through better chemistry is a flawed approach – and our country’s problem with prescription pain killers is just one tragic result of it.  More drugs to clean up an already out of control drug problem… sounds Oxy-Moronic doesn’t it?


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