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SoftWave TRT Lands Prestigious VA Contract Revolutionizing Pain and Wound Management for Veterans.

KENNESAW, Ga., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant step forward for veterans’ healthcare, SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies (SoftWave TRT) has been awarded a Federal Supply Schedule Contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Effective from July 15, 2023, to July 14, 2028, the contract—numbered 36F79723D01671—falls under Schedule 65 II A, dedicated to Medical Equipment and Supplies as part of Federal Supply Schedule Solicitation RFP-797-FSS-99-0025-R10.

SoftWave TRT will utilize its OrthoGold to usher in a new era for veterans’ healthcare, equipping veterans with innovative solutions for pain, wound management, urology, and more. OrthoGold employs electrohydraulic shockwave technology to stimulate the body’s natural healing process non-invasively. The treatment is well-researched and effective for acute and chronic pain conditions and has been shown to reduce dependency on opioids.

“We are extremely proud to be serving those who have protected our nation. It’s now our turn to be at the forefront of this transformative journey in veteran care to ensure they receive the highest quality medical treatments and get back to living pain-free,” expressed Chris Holt, Chief Executive Officer at SoftWave TRT.


According to Robert Wilkie, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, veterans are twice as likely to die from an opioid overdose than civilian Americans. With this contract, SoftWave TRT aims to make significant strides in addressing the opioid crisis in veteran healthcare by meeting the requirements set by the S.524 – Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, initiated by Congress and President Obama. By introducing the VA to alternative pain management therapies, SoftWave TRT is dedicated to reducing the use and abuse of opioid prescriptions.

About SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies

SoftWave TRT, LLC is a medical technology company featuring UroGold, OrthoGold and DermGold ESWT devices that offer advanced solutions specializing in shockwave therapy for better patient healing. Founded by urologists in 2004 and headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, SoftWave TRT is committed to the scientific advancement of tissue healing and regeneration and the development of the most effective innovations to improve the quality of lives globally. German-engineered with superior quality, it is used worldwide in the healthcare fields of urology, orthopedics, traumatology, wound care, and aesthetics.

SoftWave technology is trusted by the top major medical research centers in the U.S. and worldwide, with over 300 published studies of the technology supporting its effectiveness. It is internationally recognized by the International Society for Medical Shockwave Technology (ISMST).


What are my next steps?

Contact Dr. Aaron Miller D.C. at Rock Chiropractic- 303-840-2092 with any questions about how SoftWave Therapy can help your healthcare needs. Learn more at Discounts are available for Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

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