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Soft Wave Therapy

Dr. Miller, along with our wellness team here at Rock Chiropractic, offers this therapeutic option to encourage the healing process. Learn more about how shockwave therapy treatments can be of use for a range of conditions today.

What is Soft Wave Therapy?

Soft Wave Therapy uses unfocused energy waves passing through an affected area. Soft Waves are administered in one of two ways. Radial or focused Soft Wave therapy delivers radial waves that will spread inside a targeted area of tissue.

On the other hand, unfocused Soft Wave Therapy will penetrate deeper into individual cells to stimulate change. Depending on the patient’s specific condition and responsiveness, a series of Soft Wave therapy treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

What Can Soft Wave Therapy Treat?

Soft Wave Therapy may be used in the treatment of a number of soft tissue conditions. Soft Wave Therapy may be beneficial for the treatment of conditions including:

  • Accelerating healing of connective tissue

  • Improve mitochondrial function

  • Decrease inflammation and swelling

  • Improvement of ejection fraction rates in cardio tissue after infarction or heart attack

  • Improve blood circulation, releasing VEGF

  • Improved sexual health for both men and women

  • Improvement in exosome circulation

  • Restoration in range of motion and decrease in PAIN

  • Help with wound healing; also has an antimicrobial effect

  • Accelerated healing in non-healing fractures in lower extremities

  • Achilles tendinopathy

  • Tennis elbow

  • Plantar Fasciitis


Such conditions can limit range of motion and create stiffness. Patients with conditions resulting from overuse of a muscle and inflammation may find soft wave therapy an integral part of their holistic treatment. Discuss any concerns with your chiropractor before starting therapeutic treatment.

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Intense Training

Morgan Phillip Dearing

We had the pleasure of having Dr. Miller come into our gym facility at Crunch Fitness in Greenwood Village (shout out Crunch Fitness) and teach about the science and demonstrate on our trainers with the Soft Wave Therapy. It was an amazing experience to see it in person! Highly recommend to check out Rock Chiropractic in Parker.
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