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Client Testimonials

Kimbrays post achilles tendon surgery.

Lynn S. Torn rotator cuff.

Ms. Suzanne’s Shoulder Relief
with Laser Therapy.

“Marceline’s Amazing results from her 1st SoftWave treatment on her plantar fasciitis which she had 7-8/10 pain in her right foot for 5 years!!”

“Robert is a snow boarder and server on his feet for hours-and can’t believe how amazing he feels after SoftWave & now chiropractic care!”

Snowboarder & Server Robbie’s years of lower back pain is now allowing him to take on those Black Diamonds!

“Cindy‘s success after six treatments.”

“Lorin’s shoulder pain 90-95% better after 6 treatments!”

For those who may be interested in SoftWave Therapy presented by Dr. Miller,


Allow me to share my experience.  I chose to participate after having trouble with my sacroiliac joint.  It had been in decline for years, however, at its worst, I would have to endure severe pain while standing for even small amounts of time, severely limiting my daily activities. 


After the first appointment, I was skipping out of the office and went about my daily activities with no pain and a level of confidence that I hadn't felt in a very long time.  As the 8 appointments went on, things went better and better.  I feel this was the exact thing that changes lives and improves outlook.


In addition to the tremendous treatment I received from this office, there is a professional, yet very gracious, friendly and welcoming environment here at Rock Chiropractic and would recommend to anyone and everyone in need of attaining the level of activity you want to reach, in spite of the physical ailments that life brings.

Mrs. Suz King - January, 2024

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