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Injury & Accident Care

If you’ve been injured in an auto space, chiropractic care can be the best treatment to get you back to health and feeling like yourself again.

Get The Care You Need After An Accident!

Our new breakthrough technology, Soft Wave Therapy (Ortho Gold 100 Machine) will drastically reduce pain and inflammation due to acute injuries, injuries you suffer in major accidents or even lesser “fender benders” can cause severe damage to your neck and spine that will have long-lasting effects. Chiropractic treatments address both the symptoms you suffer from, such as pain and headaches, as well as the causes themselves. 


What’s more, most auto insurance coverage provides for chiropractic therapies to help you achieve a full recovery. Rock Chiropractic specializes in working with your insurance company, including all the paperwork and approvals, to maximize your treatments and address the root issues of your injuries, rather than masking the pain with pain killers or muscle relaxants.


If you’ve been injured in an accident in an automobile, Rock Chiropractic can help.

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